2 thoughts on “Zerdini’s interview on Sovereign Radio

  1. Wonderful to hear the radio broadcast with George and Alan. In the last two and a half years I’ve read many books on mediums, beginning with mental mediums, then as I went further back in time I discovered “On The Edge Of The Etheric” and was completely flabbergasted and thrilled at the idea that the so called dead could actually speak to us directly.. I then came across the concept of materialisation while watching Alan Pemberton’s “The Science of Eternity”; I stared incredulously as Tom Harrison spoke about his “Saturday Night Club”. I bought his book followed by “Alec Harris The Full Story Of His Remarkable Physical Mediumship” and then a whole host of old classics most recently being “A Path Prepared” featuring the physical meduimship of Isa Northage. I mostly feel that these books are strong anecdotal evidence. Then as I scan the internet I come across claims that all physical mediums are fakes showing alleged photographs of Helen Duncan séances with ridiculous, badly made puppets at the side of the cabinet, and Katie King looking like Florence Cook’s twin. This is why I am relieved to hear an actual witness to Alec’s mediumship giving clear audible testimony in the here and now.

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