Through the mediumship of Leslie Flint

by George Cranley

One of the most popular events in Spiritualism was the annual Xmas Tree Party for spirit children held by Leslie Flint at his home in Bayswater, London.

I attended on two occasions, the first being on the 10th December 1972.

Twenty-four invited guests attended on this occasion. There was a decorated tree with presents brought by the guests at the séance for the children in spirit.

The children would describe and take the etheric counterpart of the toy they wanted. After the séance was over the actual presents would be taken to the children’s ward at the local hospital.

The séance opened with the singing of ‘Silent Night’, followed by ‘Jingle Bells’.

Very quickly the spirit activity began.

Fragile decorations from the Xmas Tree were bounced off the walls yet none were broken!

A box of toffees was opened with various people announcing that a toffee had been placed on their lap. I asked why I hadn’t been given a sweet. Immediately two toffees landed in my lap even though I was seated four rows back and the room was pitch-black.

Both adult and child communicators spoke during the course of the séance.

Maurice Chevalier who passed over during 1972 gave a short talk.

Nellie Klute, a theatre programme seller who passed in 1917, when asked by medium Jessie Nason how she was replied, “I’ll live; and you?”

Among the spirit children who spoke were Doris, Robert, Daisy, Peter, Pat and Ian; each with their own distinctive personality interspersed with comments and asides from Mickey, the cockney child guide of Leslie Flint. At the same time as the children were selecting their toys the little toy piano or the drum would be played.

As two children argued over a particular toy Mickey would break in saying “Ere, pack it in you two” so that three voices would be heard simultaneously.

Not only were the voices different but various accents such as Scottish and American were spoken. The spirit children would request us to sing a particular song and would often sing along.

After the séance was over and the lights came on we found that the tree had almost been stripped of its decorations, an empty box of toffees lay alongside and the various parcels although unopened were in a state of disarray.

It is almost impossible to convey in words the atmosphere of joy, delight, humour, excitement and expectation that was present at these Xmas séances.

My thanks to Leslie Flint and his spirit helpers who helped to make them such memorable séances.

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