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My name is George Cranley. I am a former President of the Noah’s Ark Society and editor of the Ark Review. I have over fifty years experience of mediumship having sat with some of the world’s finest mediums.

This website is about mediums and their mediumship – both mental and physical.

It has come about as a result of the many questions I’ve been asked on various blogs, forums and other websites.

There is a great deal of valuable information on mediumship, it is spread across many different sources. I decided to make some of my own experiences and knowledge available on one website so readers can make up their own minds, or at least begin the search for their own evidence.

It is my intention to update this site regularly, so please check-in from time to time.

As Silver Birch has frequently stated:

“If you prefer blindness, keep your eyes closed. If you prefer deafness keep your ears closed. But if you are wise, you will open the windows of your soul so that you can become aware of that mighty, vast power of the spirit which will strengthen and encourage you and make you know how life can be lived and enjoyed to the full.

The test is not what you believe, but what you have done, otherwise there would be a complete mockery of divine justice.

“There is an infinite storehouse of knowledge which is placed at the disposal of all who desire to have it, but it must be earned by growth and struggle, by evolution and progress.”

 George passed away on 22nd November 2016

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  1. Hi,

    I would like to suggest that you display a link to the archives of your posts on your blog. This will allow readers to easily see and access the older posts you have made in the past.

    Go to the Word Press dashboard, click on Appearance in the left column, choose Widgets. On the Widgets page drag the Archives widget from the Widgets column to the Widget Area column on the right.


    • Hi
      As far as I can see they Archives are on. They may be lower on your screen. Let me know if it isnt working.
      Thanks for your suggestion.

  2. hello what a lovely site quite refreshing and plenty to study and adsorbe you have worked hard i see ,im so pleased you are able to share with us and condense valuable information ,thankyou ,kind regards ,mark

  3. Hi George

    A big thank you for sharing this with us, your life’s experiences need to be heard and I’m sure will be uplifting for those who are searching for the truth.Keep up the good work.

    All the best Mick.

  4. I have so looked forward to the day when you did this George, you have far too much knowledge and information to keep to your self. I am so pleased that you are at last sharing it with the world. Thank you.

  5. Hi George,

    I am thrilled that you have brought all your work in one place. There is a so much to think about and learn here. Thanks for sharing such a valuable resource with us!

    Take care,

  6. G’day George!
    Good to see you putting up a few of your no doubt extensive archives; plus whatever new stuff you may generate. Leslie Price discovered your Zerdinisworld website by chance and alerted Paul Gaunt and myself to it.

    Must ask about the naming of the website: Obviously related to Noah Zerdin but was it also motivated in any way by Ehrich Weiss adopting the name ‘Harry Houdini’ based upon the name of 19th century magician Robert-Houdin?
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Garth

      No, it is in no way related to Houdini. It is in tribute to Noah Zerdin the spirit founder of the NAS.

      Best wishes to you and Audrey.


  7. Thank you for sharing your experiences with those of us who were not fortunate enough to see the evidence first-hand. I’ve become very interested in the issue of survival recently after a short stint as a materialist atheist. Do you recommend any certain mediums or any other way to get first-hand evidence of survival?

  8. Hi George I said I was looking for something but I didn’t know what. I think I have found it. Thanks.

    Lots of information to read and it will keep me busy for a while.

    I love to hear about your experiencs. You are a very lucky man.



  9. Really do enjoy this site. Thank you.

    Have you any information on Rita Goold, particularly concerning the Russell sessions?

    Thank you


  10. Wow! Thank you so much for your incredible site. You may not believe this but I am the leader of a small advanced development circle at Sarasota Center of Light, Sarasota FL.

  11. What a simply wonderful site George. Congratulations on this truly marvellous initiative. Have you considered transcribing (for publication) some of the seance recordings that you have made over the years? A treasure trove of higher wisdom that deserves to be unlocked. Thinking of you and remembering our times together in Sweden. Charles Schofield, Sydney, Australia

    • Hi Charles

      Glad you like the site. As and when I have the time I hope to transcribe some of the tapes as you suggest.

      It is great to hear from you again. Happy memories of our time spent in Sweden!

      All the best


  12. Hi
    Thanks so much for the clip on Roy Dixon smiths book, light on survival,brought a tear to my eye
    Louie Paterson

    • Hi Buckie

      Thank you for your kind comments re the extract from “Light on Survival” – it is much appreciated.

      All the best


  13. Dear George,
    there is a large amount of material here and we should all thank you for taking the time to prepare, collate and develop this site. It will certainly take a bit of time to get through. Nickie and I have been lucky enough to be invited into physical circles on a few occasions and for those who have experienced this they know there is no substitute. Previously you ran an introduction service for mediums and sitters interested in materialisation. Through this we met a local medium who intended to run an experimental circle but just a few days before the first sitting she cancelled. Since then we have had no joy finding anyone else interested. Have you any intention of setting anything like this up again or do you know anyone who is providing this kind of introductory service? Nickie and I would both like to join a circle on a regular basis.
    Many thanks
    Alan & Nickie

    • Hello Alan and Nickie

      I’m afraid there is no one I am able to recommend to you at the moment. I won’t be setting anything up along the lines you mention, sorry.
      I do hope you manage to find a circle.

  14. Thank you for creating this site with its plethora of information. I have recently awoken about a year and a half ago. My spiritualist driven path in regards to mediumship and the further development of my psychic abilities has been a beautiful and miraculous journey. Finding your site and the information contained in it has certainly helped to further guide and encourage my growth and evolution. Thank you so much.

      • Thanks for your reply Mr Cranley.
        I wonder also – do you know the name of Florence Derbyshire ?
        She was a Trance Medium from Hull, who often worked at the SAGB during the 1960s…
        My friend’s father sat with her many times, but we do not know anymore of this Yorkshire Medium. Anything you might know of her will be of great help to us.
        Many thanks indeed.

        • Hi Karl

          I had a number of private sittings with Florence Derbyshire when she visited the SAGB on her visits to their HQ in London.

          As I recall she was an above average medium. Sorry I don’t know any thing regarding her mediumship elsewhere as I only saw her at the SAGB.
          kind regards

          • Dear Mr Cranley,
            thank you for your reply about Florence Derbyshire…it’s taken me this long to realise you’d replied.
            I have a photograph of Mrs Derbyshire, which I’m hoping you could confirm is the lady in question.
            Would it be possible for me to contact you, to discuss Mrs Derbyshire in a little more detail ?
            Many thanks,

        • Florence Derbyshire was my grandmother,she moved home to north London from hull in 1969,encouraged by a man called Paul beard who was at the time the president of the college of psychic studies..the guide “snowdrop” was often associated with my grandmother and her work….fond personal memories for me

          • Dear Martin,
            I have been wanting to contact you after hearing from your cousin Lesley. I just wasn’t sure where in the country you are. I have some tapes of your Grandmother which include snowdrop and others – you might want to hear them.
            Pleae find me on facebook under
            ‘Karl Jackson-Barnes’
            or email me if you would…
            Best wishes,

  15. Hi George

    Hope you’re keeping well, it’s been a long time since we were last in touch. Very glad to see that you’re still wanting to share your experiences with those of us who’ve not been so lucky.

    Best wishes, Rachel

  16. Howdy, Sir!
    What a lovely write up on Keith Milton Rhinehart! I have only come to know of him in the past maybe 9 months.. through one of his best students, Rev. Mychael Shane who now lives in Anchorage Alaska. Rev Mychael has now become a very good friend of mine and recently served my church by demonstrating Apportation in white light, as KMR did. Rev Mychael’s Blindfold Billet Reading is truly outstanding among those who “attempt” billet reading. If you wish to reach out and meet Rev. Mychael, I would be happy to help you make that contact. Email me. Blessings to you and your work! Rev Kevin Lee, Senior Minister for the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida (Ft Lauderdale)

  17. Dear George,
    I would like to chime in on your article about Keith Rhinehart. For a number of years my wife, Rev. Patricia Brown, now Patricia O’Boyle served as one of his closest associates in is ministry which was based in Seattle, WA USA. She witnessed full materializations in white light and countless apportations and other phenomena over a 35 year period. We have recently joined together with another exceptional physical medium and former student of Rev. Rhinehart, Rev. Mychael Shane. With others here in America, in England and in South Africa we have formed a new ministry , Order of Divine Light, to support Rev Mychael and his work with the Ascended Masters. In the last 9 months that we have been working with Rev. Mychael he has demonstrated apportation in full light and under test conditions over 30 times, bringing through over two thousand objects. In his classes for advanced physical mediumship, two students have demonstrated apportation phenomena. One male student bringing through three red stones and a female student bringing through 49 red stones in one class and 3 in another. We have also seen materializations and other phenomena in our circles and seances. We also were able to meet another physical medium through Rev. Kevin Lee of Florida. His name is Kai Muegge and he and Rev. Mychael were able to both demonstrate to the same group recently in Reno. Nevada. Physical mediumship is ALIVE and growing. Best Wishes to all Spiritualists from the land of the Midnight Sun, Alaska.

    Revs. Rory & Patricia O’Boyle
    Order of Divine Light
    Anchorage, Alaska USA

  18. Your article was very interesting. During my youth I was searching for something spiritual and attended one of her services – I think it was held in an old Victorian building in Strand Street Cape Town in the sixties – I also attended a psychometry class at their house in Kloofnek or Tamboersklook it seems like a distant memory now but when Mona gave messages from the other side it sound like she was speaking on a telephone. They were both an amazing couple and I do remember her Xmas parties for the children. Another medium who made an impact on my life was Lilian Africa who died two years ago in Cape Town.I remember Jan Smuts speaking through her and her guide was Edith Cavell who gave me astonishing news about my future which all came to pass.

    Thank you for sharing

    • Hi Richard
      Thanks for your comments which I appreciate.
      Mona was an amazing medium and her husband (Van, as we called him) was a brilliant healer.
      All the best and every good wish.

    • Hello Mark,
      so you are also Florence’s grandson !
      I have spoken with your cousin Lesley, but would love to hear from you too, if you don’t mind.
      I wonder whereabouts in the country you are based ?
      Please contact me via ufoplus@hotmail.com
      Thank you

  19. It’s hard to believe you are gone George! Thank you of behalf of everyone for the huge contribution you made to Spiritualism. You will be missed by so many people. I will never forget our late night discussions in Sweden in 2004 and 2005 or the wonderful way in which you acted as support/chair in a number of Colin’s direct voice seances. Above all, I loved you wicked sense of humour. Our times together and your solid opinions and beliefs sparked an interest in me in Spiritualism that has grown and grown as the years have passed. You once said to me that there was not much in this life that interested you any more and that at night you couldn’t wait to go to sleep to get a glimpse of what the next world offered. If you can could you let me know if you were right – Dr Charles Schofield, Sydney, Australia

  20. I knew George only at a distance but I found him unfailingly helpful even though we’d ‘crossed swords’ about the NAS in the distant past. I saw him later as a friend and hope he felt that way towards me.

    I’ve missed his being around online these last few years and in future I’ll miss being able to consult him for his encyclopaedic knowledge of mediumship, communication and Spiritualism.

  21. I only ever spoke to George via telephone and was amazed how much knowledge he had, also the great experiences George had witnessed like sitting with Alec Harris. George would always encourage me to keep working with mediumship and tell me it’s never always smooth that you must come through the hard times as all the mediums of years ago suffered with different circumstances.

    The words that George would always say to me were keep on keeping on, and you must always remember any form of mediumship goes through the mind of the medium.

  22. Just heard from reading Two Worlds of George’s passing. Happy days in the Noah’s Ark will be remembered and so pleased to have recordings of his tales available. Condolences to Elisabeth. He will so love his new adventures!

  23. very sad ,he helped me a lot ,gave me his time to assist in matters ,mhelped me to see through the mist at times ,will see you soon !

  24. I wrote the first response on this site but now in 2019 have just heard of George’s passing.
    I knew him from the old Noah’s Ark days and never met anyone with such a deep knowledge of Spiritualism.
    I feel sure George is continuing spreading the light from his new vantage point

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