Gordon Higginson

Gordon Higginson, though unable to speak the language, succeeded in giving remarkable clairvoyance, complete with full names, on a visit to Liege, Belgium in 1953.

For over an hour, at this his first visit, he triumphed over the language difficulty despite the fact that, following Continental practice, there were no hymns, music or prayers.

Indicating a woman in the front of the audience, the medium said: “I have a young girl in spirit here giving her name as Arlette. Can you place her?”

There was some hesitation on the part of the recipient and Gordon continued. “A-R-L-E-T-T-E,’ spelling the name.

Before the woman could reply, he added, “You must know this girl. She is Arlette Van der Houte.”

This was immediately accepted.

“I get the date May 8, 1949, in connection with this girl. I feel it had a great significance for her. Did she die on that day?”


“I asked that as I am getting a feeling of going to a church and I see Arlette robed in white and that date is strongly linked with this.”

“Yes, that is right. It was an important date in her life; on that day she took her first communion.”

“I am now hearing the word Jemeppe. I have another entity who is giving the name Raymond . . . and now Lucienne . . . and Rue de Serbie. This Raymond is related to you by marriage and his name is Raymond Biquet.”

“Correct. Raymond lives at Jemeppe and I understand the Rue de Serbie.”

There followed personal messages intended to help the woman regarding her health and domestic affairs.

Gordon continued: “Both Raymond and Arlette are asking whether you have a piece of jewellery in your handbag which normally would be suspended on a chain. They are not sure where it is, but if it is not in your bag then it is at home in a drawer in a piece of furniture (which he described). If you look in that drawer, you will not only find this piece of jewellery, but also a small photo of the young girl in white, Arlette.”

At this, the woman became excited and exclaimed. “Yes, yes, yes, that is perfectly right.”

To a man at the back of the hall, Higginson said, “I have a spirit who gives the name of Minet. I am also getting the name of Georges.”

“I can place those names.”

“This man is telling me that his name is Georges Leon Minet, that he was interested in insurance and that he was a director.”

“That is quite right.”

“He now tells me that he lives at the Quai de Boverie.”

“Yes, he lived there and I knew him very well.”

Then followed a message relating to the business circumstances of the gentleman with the usual assurance of continued interest from the spirit friends.

Choosing another man, the medium told him: “I have on the platform a spirit who tells me that he knows you and that his name is Monseur Fontaine.”

“Yes, I knew him.”

“He tells me that he is connected with Rue de la Resistance.”


“He now talks about a prison.”

“Quite correct.”

“He tells me that he knew your son very well.”

“Quite correct.”

“He tells me that the name of the road has been changed and that formerly it was called Rue du Nord.”

” Correct; it was Rue de Nord when the communicator was here and the name has been changed to Rue de la Resistance since his passing.”

“He tells me that you frequently pass in front of his house, that it is the first past the prison and that it is No. 1.”

“That is perfectly correct.”

Next came these messages to a woman: “I have a spirit here who tells me that his name was Georges Nicolas, that he was killed in the war and that he lived at the side of St. Barthelemy.”

“Yes, I knew him.”

“You have a prayer book, or some similar little book, which is ornamented in colours and was given to you by your mother. You make a habit of keeping pressed flowers between certain of the pages.”


Breaking off, the medium picked out a man in another part of the hall and asked, “Is there not a link between you and the woman I have just been talking to?”

” Yes, she is my daughter.”

“You have a shop in St. Barthelemv.”

“Yes, I have long had a shop there.”

“Between the church and the prison.”


“From this spirit I am getting the name of Driess.”

” He was my neighbour.”

“And also Longree.”

“That is the name of a road adjoining.”

“And Feronstree.”

“That is the name of the road where I live.”

“You must live at number 161.”


“He is now giving the name of Paul Janson,”

“That is the name of the square at St. Barthelemy.”

“I have now the spirit of a woman who tells me that she was Mrs James and that she knew you.”

“That is possible.”

“She tells me that you used to visit her.”

“That is possible.”

She tells me you have a cake shop and that next to it is a high-class fruiterer. Your house has two letter boxes and also at the windows are green shutters.”

” Correct.”

Then rather excitedly, Gordon said, “She is calling out the name of Jacques.”

“That is my name.”

Another woman was told: “I have here a spirit who gives me the name of Petry Dabin. I get Louis … Leon … rue Robertson near the station Longdoz.”

“This spirit tells me he knows you and that you him.”

“Did you not go, quite recently, to a very impressive funeral? On that occasion, did not meet a Monsieur Dabin near Longdoz Station? Was it not on the side of a bridge? You have to cross that bridge to get to your home. He is talking of Rue Waleffe.”

“That is a road very close to my home,” said the woman who had acknowledged the correctness of the medium’s messages.

“He tells me that someone is ill in your home, and that you are frightened as to the outcome.”

“The object of Petry Dabin coming is his message of hope. There will be no death in your home.”

“He now calls out the name of Demet.”

“That is my name.”

“This man sends you his love . . . Rue Robertson Number 38.” – “that is my address.”

“He is talking of painting.”

“That is my husband’s profession.”

It is no wonder, in view of these spirit messages, that the enthusiasm of the meeting mounted to fever heat.





MORE THAN 100 NAMES AND 28 ADDRESSES – A Remarkable Feat of Evidence

What must be a justifiable claim to the highest number of names and addresses ever given through a medium during a single public demonstration can surely be made by Gordon Higginson.

Demonstrating at the Longton Town Hall recently, where more than 300 people failed to gain admission, he relayed no fewer than 52 full names, 49 christian names and 28 complete addresses.

Besides this remarkable psychic faculty, Higginson was often instrumental in linking friends and relatves in the audience who were sitting in different parts of the hall.  His evidence was given in a long string of facts, presented with devastating accuracy.

To a woman at the back of the hall, he said there was a young man with her who passed away quickly and tragically.  “He is calling mother” said Higginson “and he tells me you are a stranger here but he has been to you often.  He says his name is Booth and he was killed in the Coventry Blitz.  He was a fireman.”

“He has met his father” continued the medium, “and they are both sorry you have left the old house in Broad Street.  Your son says he lived there.  They have both met Auntie Gertie, and your son remembers the uncle he visited in Stanyer Street, also your sister Emily.”

Higginson went on to speak of the kindness the woman had shown to her family by giving them her little home in Broad Street and today she had nothing left.  The husband and son had both returned tonight, declared Higginson, to prove that they had been watching over her.

At this stage, another facet of Higginson’s mediumship came into play, and indicating another woman seated at the front he inquired if she knew a Colin Morgan and Ron Bould who lived at 10 Broad Street.  The woman said she did and also acknowledged the earlier communicators named Booth.

Two brothers who had passed tragically, one in a road accident and the other by drowning, returned to greet their mother.

Having established contact with the mother and remarking that both sons met tragic ends, Higginson said:

“I can see a road accident with a bicycle with the younger one and water with the other.  They tell me that they are brothers and their name is Bryan.  They lived in Edwards Street, and they are asking for Emma Bryan, Thomas Charles Bryan and Edwin and Elsie.”

Number 55, apparently the address of a house was also mentioned.

The mother, overcome by emotion, paused awhile before replying.  Then she announced: “I am their mother.  My name is Emma Bryan.  Tom Charles is my husband, Edwin is my other son and Elsie is his wife.  One son was drowned” she explained “and the younger one was killed on a bicycle.  It is all true.”

As though this were not sufficient, the medium continued “They have met Mrs Wilshaw who liked to visit the pub at the top of the street.  They also speak of Mrs Proctor.”

Then Higginson’s ability to link people in various parts of the hall manifested again.  He indicated a woman in another section of the hall and requested her to stand.  Then he asked Mrs Bryan to stand and said, “Do you two ladies know each other.  I have seen the two young men walk over to you and say ‘this lady is a neighbour of ours.  We can see her back yard from our house.’ “

To a gasp of amazement from the audience, the woman agreed that she knew the two boys and lived only two doors from Mrs Bryan.

Mrs Bryan told reporters later that the evidence was amazing.

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    • I knew Gordon Higginson (and his mother) very well and had many private sittings with him over twenty years. He knew nothing about me nor was he able to look up any information about me yet he was able to relay extremely evidential information. The Colvin incident is laughable as I was present at the AFC on the occasions mentioned so I know the truth of the matter.



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