A Christmas Tree Séance by Hannen Swaffer

                      A Christmas Tree Séance by Hannen Swaffer

Through the mediumship of Mollie Perriman

The Christmas tree sittings have to be experienced to be realised. What joy it is to hear the little ones from the other side of life exclaim in wonderment when they see the huge tree laden with toys of every description.

Belle (spirit child guide of Mrs Perriman) had invited nearly forty people to attend a direct voice séance at which there was a big tree, covered with toys. They had been sent – over three hundred of them – from all over the country, many of them for spirit children whose names were given. Others came from former sitters of Mrs Perriman, or people who had been helped. A huge doll was sent to Belle by someone overseas.

It is hard for non-Spiritualists to understand, but these toys, sent after the party to poor children living in London slums, have astral counterparts which are taken back to the Other World by the “dead” children to whom they are first given.

For over two hours, we sat listening to the voices of more than fifty children, who all inspected the tree, chose their various toys – yes, and played with them. Indeed, when the séance was over, the great mass of toys grouped around the tree was scattered in violent disarray.

Sometimes we heard a toy trumpet blown, “I am blowing two at once,” said one of the child voices.
We heard little ones arguing about which fairy doll they could have. Boy after boy said “I want a motor car.”

One remarkable feature of the séance was the great difference in the spirit voices. There were some who spoke with a broad Scots accent. There were Lancashire voices, Cockney tones, and all sorts.

When I heard one voice, that of little David Evans, I said “I remember you. You came last year.”

Remembering me David carried on quite a long conversation. He came from the valleys, he said, and when I said I had recently been down South Wales he corrected my pronunciation of Bargoed and two or three other towns which I could neither spell nor pronounce.

Mrs Leonard’s Feda turned up, Mrs Duncan’s Peggy, and also Jimmy Sparrow, from Lady Caillard’s home circle.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, too spoke, and gave me a special message. “There are many of my old friends who have come to the spirit world lately, many rejoicing. Some have got to extend in some ways. When I tried to tell them about survival, years ago, they would not listen”

Walter Coulhard said “Do you realise you have taken part in a great occasion? There have been children from the other side of life here, amidst surroundings of joy. They have come to you in their innocence and love, bringing with them peace and understanding, taking away with them memories. They will have replicas of these toys for their joy in the Other World. Remember, every toy has been claimed by spirit children who have been present, both in this room and the other. Every toy has now a spirit owner. You are giving joy on earth.”

Several children were recognised by sitters. Several were addressed by their pet names.

The chief lesson to be drawn from it is the lesson to the bereaved parents. Your “dead” children are not dead. They are as human and as humorous as they were on earth.

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